25 October 2008

College Intern Evaluation

Evaluation at the internship site may include a formal evaluation by the site supervisor. This process may be very different from grading in class.

Issues you can control: your performance, your attendance, your attitude.

Issue you cannot control: the supervisor's philosophy about evaluations.

Some site supervisors routinely give high marks to student interns. A common reason:
"I want to help the student get a good grade."

Other supervisors work hard to make an objective but supportive evaluation. A common rationale:
"I hope to communicate to interns the standards of professionalism in the workplace without punishing them for being inexperienced."

And some supervisors apply the rigor of a professional evaluation. A statement might be:
"I never give the highest rating to an intern because there's no way a pre-professional can perform at that level yet."

Campus instructors who assign the grade at semester's end understand the variability of scoring from one practicum site to another. The best way to understand how the site evaluation will align to your course grade is to ask your instructor!

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