13 December 2008

Acknowledging Multiple Places of Worship

Holiday seasons bring attention to religion but the following tip is good for year-round references to places of worship.

If you have a place of worship, that may influence your language in referring to locations for faith practice. Even if you do not have a place or worship, you may be influenced by the common language in your community. But, of course, "common language" does not always represent all the options for worship locations.

So, any time you are tempted to name a place of worship, consciously name several. For example, your new phrases might be:

"...when people go to church or synagogue or temple..."

"...when people go to church or temple or mosque..."

You get the idea! Don't worry about listing every possible place of worship. And switch the words around in any order you like. By mentioning more than one location, you acknowledge that many religions co-exist in your community. Someone in your audience will appreciate your effort.

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