28 February 2009

Storm Warning for the College Internship

Internships can go bad... and you may not have any warning. We know one college student who was lucky to have a paid internship at a scientific laboratory. But unlucky when the lab shut down for 3 weeks for a security investigation. She received pay during that time but could not go anywhere or do anything. She and all the interns and staff members got a lot of reading done!

College interns have one "first action" at the sign of trouble: reporting to your college instructor for help with the logistics of a canceled internship. Possible issues are insurance coverage, travel logistics, evaluation from the intern site, and the grade for the semester.

A disrupted internship may have the same issues and so the instructor will advise on whether to end the internship or try to return to it after the disruption.

The content on this blog is not offered as legal advice or guidance. Consult your college, advisor, or internship supervisor for help with issues surrounding internships. © 2009 Mary Bold, PhD, CFLE. Dr. Bold is a co-author of the book Reflections: Preparing for your Practicum or Internship, geared to college interns in the child, education, and family fields. More about Dr. Bold can be learned at www.marybold.com

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