21 November 2009

College Interns: When You Have to Kill Time

On unlucky days at your internship site, you will be bored. That's when you need to have your own time-killer in your backpack. Recommendation: be prepared to take care of yourself and to take action.

First, let your mentor know that you have no task at hand.

Second, ask if you should wait for an assignment.

Third, assuming you are asked to wait patiently, create your own activity so you really can be patient.

Your own activity... read a book that you brought with you, pull out your own journal or notebook and write an entry about the day, work on an assignment for school. You know what not to do: play games on a computer (even your cell phone) and talk on your phone (even texting).

How you spend the down time will reflect on your time management skills. Make a good impression. You never know when a mentor is envisioning you as an employee.

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