03 July 2010

Search Tool for Internships

Search—or just read the whole list! The Jobsource search page of the Orion Grassroots Network emphasizes employment in public service but also includes internships. The search page has a column on the right called "Experience Level" with an option checkbox for "Internship."

The checkbox displays the number of entries. The day I checked, there were 25 internships listed. That's a small enough number to skim without narrowing the search. So, just checkmark that box and then click the Find Jobs button.

Locations are all over the U.S. Remember: even if you cannot travel to a particular internship, you can follow up with similar employers and agencies in your own geographic area.

The content on this blog is not offered as legal advice or guidance. Consult your college, advisor, or internship supervisor for help with issues surrounding internships. © 2010 Mary Bold, PhD, CFLE. Dr. Bold is a co-author of the book Reflections: Preparing for your Practicum or Internship, geared to college interns in the child, education, and family fields. More about Dr. Bold can be learned at http://www.marybold.com/

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