12 July 2008

The Elevator Speech

Got your Elevator Speech?
  • Not only for elevators!
  • It's your 30-second introduction.
  • Like an ad for yourself.
  • On an elevator ride.
  • Or in a hallway.
Talking to Whom?
  • Probably your new boss.
  • Or your internship supervisor.
  • Or a mentor on the job.
  • Or a new colleague.
Interns are sometimes reluctant to introduce themselves on the job. But your mentor will not always be around to smooth the way for you, so develop your own self-introduction and practice it in front of the mirror.

Keep it very short... As the name implies, this self-introduction should be appropriate to the length it takes to travel a few floors on an elevator. So, just 50 or 100 words is fine!

Keep it simple
... "Hi, Ms. President. I'm Shelly Jones, and I'm the intern in marketing this summer. Thanks for welcoming us at the orientation. I appreciate the opportunity to writes ads for the Eco-Green campaign this summer and if you come by the 7th floor, I can show you the carbon footprint design I'm working on."

Good luck!

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1 comment:

Glenn Andrew said...

Hi Mary,

I just made a post on crafting an elevator speech. I use a three-step process that follows a problem/solution/referral method that works for virtually any situation. Perhaps you can give a a try and let me know how it works for you.

I appreciate your feedback.

Best regards,

Glenn Andrew