26 July 2008

Lunch at the Internship Site

Will anyone buy me lunch?
  • Maybe... on your first day
  • But don't count on it!
  • Have your own sack lunch in a backpack, along with a bottle of water and other survival items. Pack non-perishables that you can carry another day, in case you do get an invitation to lunch.
How will I know?
  • You may have to ask your mentor.
  • "Should I bring my lunch to the site?"
  • "Do the interns go out for lunch?"
What if my boss takes me out?
  • Use all your manners and don't order a beer.
  • "May I pay for my share?"
  • "May I leave the tip?"
Your internship supervisor or mentor will probably be sensitive to costs you will meet on the job, and that includes your meals, snacks, and even transportation. This is a good person to ask about inexpensive lunch spots!

Lunch out & separate checks... Waiters sometimes help establish the protocol by asking, "Will this be on separate checks?" All you have to say is, "Yes." If the waiter doesn't do that, just speak up when you order, "I'll have the #6, and I'll need a separate check."

Lunch in & unwritten rules... If meals are in eaten on site, either by food delivery or packed lunches, you may have to observe closely to learn the unwritten and unspoken protocol about (a) who sits where in the break room, (b) whether food is allowed in offices, (c) who cleans the refrigerator.

Bon appetit!

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