06 September 2008

Dress Code for Interns: Earrings

Earrings can be...
  • personal expression,
  • a thing of beauty,
  • or a big distraction.
Most people consider jewelry a personal fashion choice. Most people, that is, until they become responsible for the workforce of an organization. If you were in that position, would you establish a "jewelry rule" (like a dress code) for your employees?

Interestingly, most dress codes do not mention jewelry unless the workplace presents a safety issue because of jewelry. Example: Factories routinely disallow any jewelry that could get caught in machinery.

When safety is not an issue, workers—and interns—make their own decisions about what to wear in the workplace. If you regularly wear earrings, you will want to make your own "jewelry rule" for your days on the job. Note: this message is for female
and male interns.

1 - Are earrings accepted in my workplace?
You may have to make your own observations about (unwritten) dress code. But you can also ask your campus instructor or your mentor at the site!

2 - Will my earrings be distracting?
You may see earrings as enhancing your appearance but they can also be a big distraction (especially if they are big). Scale back on size.

3 - Do my earrings make a statement that I don't intend?
Consider the professionals and clients you will interact with at your site. Would they call your earrings...pretty, flashy, expensive, show-off, tasteful, attractive, tacky? Don't think about how you describe your earrings. When you create your jewelry rule for yourself, you are creating it in consideration for the people around you!

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