20 September 2008

Internship Attire: The Three P's

The Three P's
  • Pumps (meaning shoes, like the ones in the photo)
  • Pearls, and
  • Pantyhose
Old-fashioned rule. The 3 P's rule is very old. But it's still cited today, expecting the modern college intern to translate it to current fashion. The meaning remains the same: be conservative.

Pumps. Your shoes may not have to be the 1" to 2" pump (but if your internship includes trips to courtrooms and boardrooms, be alert to the need for a conservative pair of pumps your grandmother might have worn) but they should follow the same purpose. Pumps were/are comfortable and you can't fall from them (whereas very high heels do carry that risk).

Pearls. Conservative and elegant, pearls had a certain reputation: the woman who wore them had taste. Modern women have many more choices for jewelry and young women at the internship are not expected to wear fine jewelry. In fact, in many settings, preferred ornaments are costume jewelry (not the real jewels) and... no jewelry. Rely on this P simply as a reminder to yourself that the internship is not the place to wear dramatic jewelry. Understated decoration is preferred.

Pantyhose. Again, the modern intern must make the current day translation. Pantyhose back in the olden days represented good grooming and attention to detail. Today, women make the same statement with appropriate clothing style and clean fingernails. Yep. It's that basic.

Invent your own 3 P's for your attire for your internship site.

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