08 November 2008

College Intern Application Forms

Whether applying for the internship or filling out forms during orientation, follow these tips:

1. Read over the entire form before you start entering information. Often, you will find related items that you can answer more efficiently when you know what's ahead.

2. Reading first also allows you to gather all the documents you need for accurate entries.

3. Follow instructions to the letter. A form may allow for editing in a PDF file—or may specify that you must enter block letters in black ink. Use the method indicated in the instructions!

4. Make only truthful entries. Most written forms include a statement about truthful answers, and the rest of them imply it. Even a "harmless" misstatement or omission can cause big problems. A standard in the workplace is that a lie on an application results in a firing.

5. Similarly, gather information carefully so that you avoid entering inaccurate information on the form. It is better to answer with "I do not recall" or "Don't know" than to make up information.

The content on this blog is not offered as legal advice or guidance. Consult your college, advisor, or internship supervisor for help with issues surrounding internships. © 2008 Mary Bold, PhD, CFLE. Dr. Bold is a co-author of the book Reflections: Preparing for your Practicum or Internship, geared to college interns in the child, education, and family fields. More about Dr. Bold can be learned at www.marybold.com

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