29 November 2008

Pumpkin Pi(e) & Other Holiday Sweets

Interns are often included in holiday celebrations at their internship sites. Some common features of workplace celebrations: gift exchanges, holiday meals, dessert tables, and office parties. Navigating these events can be worrisome, especially if you are concerned about spending money. Your mentor at the site can help you determine your role.

Often, interns are treated as guests and not expected to contribute. If this is the case, accept the guest role graciously. Do not try to set a new precedent because that will not be a favor for the next intern.

One of the most common (and most economical) means of sharing the holiday is to bring a dessert or other sweet food item to the site. Whether you are the receiver or the giver of holiday sweets, keep these thoughts in mind:

  1. It's the thought that counts. So, even if the treat is something you cannot abide, just say "Thank you."
  2. If a colleague does not dive into your chocolate mousse, don't take offense. Maybe they have special dietary restrictions...or maybe they just don't like chocolate. Whatever the case may be, you don't need to ask. They probably said "Thank you." (Yep, it's the flip side of item #1.)
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