18 July 2009

Asking Questions & Saving Answers

When you have a question, it is important to ask for help. Before asking though, think about who you will ask.

Is your supervisor the best person to ask for help with the fax machine? Maybe so, but if that supervisor is busy, you might want to ask an administrative assistant or another intern.

It may be possible to search on the internet to find the answer you need, such as a phone number for another organization or even the date of an event hosted by your organization (if they have an up-to-date web page about the event).

In a fast paced environment, you may be expected to ask avquestion only once. Writing down the answer you get will help you remember, so you do not need to ask for help again (at least on that question).

Real story from an internship:

"I never could remember our phone number, fax number, and address, so I wrote them all down on a sticky note and attached it to my computer monitor. Whenever other people asked me for the fax number, I told them and showed them my sticky note. Then other people started doing the same thing."

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