11 July 2009

Expectations of College Interns' Work Hours

Here's a real story from a real intern:

"At a residential internship I was provided with "free" housing and food. I was also provided a small stipend that was like an allowance for small purchases. I asked the top boss what hours we were expected to work. The boss laughed and said that he thinks about work all the time."

Of course, at a residential internship, the "job" may really be on your mind most of the time. But no internship coordinator or mentor would actually expect an intern to think about work "all the time."

Some questions are best directed to the person who supervises interns. This person serves as a mentor and keeps the intern's perspective in mind when answering questions such as workplace expectations.

Can you ask another intern for guidance on hours and expectations of the supervisors? Of course, you can. But don't assume you will always receive an accurate answer. The best person to ask about expectations is the person who actually has the expectations!

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