27 February 2010

Planning Spring Break... to Plan a Practicum

Spring Break = March. At least for most students, March is the month. How does that relate to a practicum or internship?

Taking action in March is timely for the application for many Summer internships. In fact, some businessess and agencies will not even open the application season before March or April. So, it's smart to read applications well ahead of time so that you can meet the deadline.

Taking action in March may also be timely for the Fall internship. Competitive placements may well require planning 6 or more months ahead. How do you know which internships are competitive? Your professor should be able to give an indication but there's no substitute for calling the site yourself. "I am interested in becoming an intern at your site next year. Can you recommend a good time for me to start that process?"

Taking action in March may also be timely for an internship a full year in the future. Typically, that's the international practicum. Do not delay! Start today!

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