17 April 2010

When You Must Take a Call

Regardless of how well you plan, there's bound to be one day at the internship (or on the job) that you must be able to answer a personal phone call. Amid all the warnings to not use your cell phone on the job, what's the best way to take that call?

1 - Try to arrange the time of the call. Chances are, you can take a lunch or coffee break at the appointed hour and remove yourself from the business setting.

2 - If you must be available all day for the call, make the interruption as unobtrusive as possible. Put your phone on vibrate and take a seat near the door if you must attend meetings that day. Excuse yourself quickly to take the call, exiting the room before you start speaking into your phone.

3 - If you must have more of an alert than a vibrating phone, then select a short and muted ring for the day. A low-volume chime may suffice. This is definitely not the day for musical rings, nor barking dogs and quacking ducks. Those rings may have amused you when you selected them and they may be so customary now that you don't even imagine their impact on other people. For most settings, they are too distracting.

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